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“충분히 진보한 기술은 마법과 구분할 수 없다.”

— 아서 C. 클라크 경
  Sir Arthur C. Clarke

“테크놀로지는 선하지도 악하지도 않다. 그렇다고 중립적이지도 않다.”

— 멜빈 크란츠버그
  Melvin Kranzberg

“모든 작용에는 그 반대쪽으로 크기가 같은 반작용이 존재한다.”

— 아이작 뉴턴 경
  Sir Isaac Newton

태동기 (1892년-1938년)

프로메테우스 연구소를 비롯한 기업들이 변칙적 기술의 잠재력을 이용하면서 초상기술paratech 산업의 여명기가 시작되었다. 이 시기에 많은 중요한 발견들이 이루어졌으며, 향후 모든 초상기술 연구의 기반을 마련했다.

  • Preliminary Report of J. C. Randall Upon His Party's Efforts... — In 1927, Doctor John Carver Randall led a team of experts on an expedition to explore the multiverse. They never returned. Written by GreenWolf
  • Zeitgeist — A day in the life of a ghost hitman, a space-drug smuggler, a psychic mob cleaner, and a junkie witch. Enter: the Chicago Spirit! Written by A Random Day

거품기 (1938년-1992년)

제2차 세계대전 및 그와 동시에 진행된 제7차 오컬트 대전, 그리고 그에 뒤이은 냉전은 초상기술에 대한 수요를 급증시켰고 이로 인해 냉전이 종식될 때까지 초상기술 거품이 형성되었다. 이 시기 증가하는 수요에 보다 잘 대처하기 위한 시장 교통정리의 과정에서 초상기술 공급자들 간에 셀 수 없이 많은 흡수합병이 이루어졌다.

  • 제7차 오컬트 대전
    • Obskuracorps Memos Acquired in Operation BLACK ROPE — Nazi wizards frantically plot to assemble a doomsday weapon, all while being hounded by a machine that punches fascists. Written by GreenWolf
    • Archival Document -- HSA-008-Advent — Mankind has always been enamored with cool swords. The Allied Occult Initiative has to make sure the Obskuracorps doesn't sway the course of the war with one. Written by 9Volt
    • A Man of Clay and Men Formerly Men — Special Operative Josef invites himself into an abandoned manor to put an end to an occult experiment. Written by 9Volt
    • SCP-3457 - The Rite of Solomon — Want to create a god that lets you control who gets to be a wizard? Well you can't because the Foundation won't let you, but if you could you'd have to use this. Written by ChaoSera
  • SCP-2664 - Redline — In 1950, Joseph Stalin demanded a weapon for world domination. GRU Division "P" built a weapon for world peace. The year is now 1963, and that weapon wants the world. Written by A Random Day
  • SCP-2350 - From the Mind of Malinalxochitl — At some point in the 1950s, the United States weaponized the concept of mosquitoes. Not the mosquitoes themselves - but the concept. Written by A Random Day
  • SCP-2630 - Stock of a Sort — The market seems awfully bullish today. Written by Taffeta
  • Make Portland Weirder — During a massive music festival in 1970, a Foundation agent inadvertently ends up in Three Portlands and finds the UIU already waiting for her. Written by Jacob Conwell
  • 작전명 허윈 다크 — 영귀들로 작동하는 계약적 정신조종 위성이 유성 때문에 파손될 때, 재단은 긴급 유지 관리에 돌입해야 한다. Written by AidenEldritch
  • 'Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT) — Marshall, Carter and Dark discover that unicorn horns are amazing contraceptives, and take the inevitable equine body horror to its logical conclusion. Written by GreenWolf
  • Grant Request for Utilization of Electro-thaumic Computers... — How do you deal with a growing demand for exorcisms? Prometheus Labs has the answer: build a better exorcist. Written by GreenWolf
  • Grant Request for Genetically Engineering Low-cost Organic Automatons... — "Slave" is such an outdated term. We prefer the name All-Natural AutomatonsTM. Written by A Random Day


소비에트 연방이 몰락하고 냉전이 끝나면서 초상기술 거품이 터져 꺼지게 되었다. 초상기술 암시장이 만들어지기 시작하며 구 소련의 초상기술 재고품들이 사라졌다. 프로메테우스 연구소가 기울다가 1998년 아예 망해버린 것도 이미 휘청거리고 있던 초상기술 시장에 또한 파문을 일으켰다.

  • Grant Request for the Construction of an Interstellar Science Vessel — Prometheus Labs has always dreamed big, and there's nothing around bigger than space. So the logical conclusion is to build a starship powered by a black hole. Written by GreenWolf
  • 앰브로즈의 음유시인 — After years of work, Prometheus Labs has finally succeeded in creating an artificial intelligence capable of thinking like a person. The only problem is that it thinks it doesn't think at all. Written by GreenWolf
  • T 마이너스 — Witness the PL-76 Shiva: the power of a god, bent to the will of an artificial mind that questions the meaning of its own existence. The Foundation is going to steal it. Written by A Random Day

후탈기 (1998년–현재)

프로메테우스 연구소의 잔해로부터 소규모 기업들이 여럿 출현했고 이로 인해 초상기술 산업의 내부 경쟁이 심화되었다. 그 결과 기술적 진보와 경제적 회복의 시기가 찾아왔다. 한편 프로메테우스 연구소가 박살나면서 그 초상기술 일부가 범죄자들의 손에 흘러갔기에 암시장도 계속 확장되었다.

  • SCP-2897 - The Bard of Analytics — What do you do with an AI capable of thinking that it doesn't think at all? The Department of Analytics thinks it has the answer. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2820 - Vaishnavastra — The Lord makes his presence known in many forms - including an AI-controlled death ray. Written by A Random Day
  • 야간잔업 — Building an android for an art show is clearly the best way to get back at your dad. Written by A Random Day
  • SCP-2176 - 고스트라이트™ — 전구입니다. 유령으로 가득하죠. 고스트라이트입니다. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2308 - 선물거래 — 결국, 시간 여행은 안전한 투자 전략이 아니었습니다. Written by GreenWolf
  • UIU 파일: 2014-014 — 도망치기만 원하는 크고 온순한 상어와 상어로 형이상학을 얻으려는 한 무더기의 미친 기술 컬트 신자들이 있다.Written by 9Volt and LordStonefish
  • 아날로그 키드 — What's the difference between a hivemind and two-way telepathy? Is there a difference? The answer may lie inside an abandoned machine shop in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
  • 신격화
    • 아바타라 — After life is death. After death is rebirth. After rebirth is causing death. Written by A Random Day
    • 허가 요청서: …위한 특정 연구 자산의 적용 규명 — In 1988, Prometheus Labs unearthed the corpse of a god. This is what they planned to do with it. Written by GreenWolf
    • SCP-2970 – 성스러운 오배치 — An immortal missionary, last survivor of a religion long lost to the ages, begs to be made whole. But how much does he truly know? Written by TyGently
    • 자질의 제왕 — The god of transhumanism. Written by sirpudding
    • 윤회 — The Warrior seeks revenge. Tau-5 seeks humanity. Neither of them realize that they are pawns of a higher force seeking to become whole. Written by A Random Day and TyGently
  • 람네스의 샘 — You wouldn't download a car, so why would you download Cthulhu? Written by Aiden Eldritch
  • 검으냐 마느냐 — There are only two things I hate about this job. The plasma cannon cleanups and the fanfiction reading. Written by Aiden Eldritch
  • 비정상적인 용의자
    • 1. 데데킨트-무한인구학 — The Unusual Incidents Unit tackles a multiversal IP theft and the end of Samsara becomes the beginning of something much worse for the Foundation. Written by Aiden Eldritch
  • Unusual Investigations — The Three Portlands Bomber
    • Permanent Waves — A couple of UIU agents, a bomb, and a chain-smoker. Just an average week in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
    • A Farewell to Kings — The chase is on as Agent Green and the UIU hunt down the individual responsible for planting the memetic bomb in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
    • **[[[moving-pictures|The UIU's hunt for the Three Portlands Bomber culminates in a climactic wizard duel in a museum of illegal art. Written by GreenWolf
  • 존재의 상태 — Three years ago the Unusual Incidents Unit encountered a shark that ate concepts. It's November of 2017, and the investigation that this spurred is far from over. Written by 9Volt
  • 초고속도 — An adrenaline junkie snorts demons like cocaine and robs a cursed bank. Written by A Random Day
  • Terminal Velocity — A criminal mastermind snorts demons like cocaine and hijacks an interdimensional train. Written by A Random Day
  • Mutable State — A story about a robot lady and the cryptofascist spinal-monster that hates her. Written by The Great Hippo.
  • 제대로 통제 중 — young medium finds himself at the intersection of geas, magic drugs, necromancy, and unethical business practices. Written by TyGently

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